Are you ready to crush it?

The next challenge kicks off March 4th!


Are you ready to crush the lies that are keeping you from the life you want? Lies like:
  •  I’m not good enough.
  •  I don’t know how. 
  •  I’m not worth it.
  •  It’s always going to be this way.
  •  This is all there is. 

If we’re preaching to your soul, then you’re in the right place.

The Mini-Mental Makeover is exactly the push you need to become the boss of your own life and to find the inner confidence to make it all happen.

There is no greater investment than the one you make in yourself, and we know you’ll be amazed at what these two weeks will do for you and your life.

Can you change your life in 2-weeks?

If you’re ready to crush the lies that are holding you back from living the life and creating the business you really want, then, Girl, it’s time to give yourself the Mini Mental Makeover.

Give us two weeks, and we’ll show you how to say goodbye to “good enough” and yes to “awesome”!

We’ll teach you how the brain works, how your thoughts literally shape everything you feel and do, and how to finally walk away from the thoughts that aren’t getting you where you want to go.

What you get:

  • An electronic workbook
  • 12-daily lessons in written and audio form
  • Access to the 2 Smart Girls’ Facebook group
  • 2-live group coaching calls
  • Email access to 2 Smart Girls for all your questions


Why isn't this free? It's just a two-week challenge!
We know that transformation takes commitment, and commitment begins in the transaction. It’s a signal that you’re ready to show up for us, for the group, and more importantly, for yourself!
What is a coach and why do I need one? Can't I just have a friend help me?

People use coaches for all sorts of reasons: personal or professional development, career growth, spiritual development, relationship skills, trying to figure out what’s next in life, and the list goes on and on. 

All these areas have one thing in common — there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. A coach brings valuable insight in a safe, non-judgmental way to empower and support you as you figure out how to close the gap. 

Encouraging friends and family are an important part of this work, but coaches bring a level of confidentiality and rigor that people who know you personally and socially can’t provide. Coaches bring new eyes and ears to the process, and that is invaluable.

What is group coaching like?

Group coaching is the best! It’s a chance to gather together, talk through the materials, and more importantly, ask questions of us. We’ll walk you through the model, challenge you to think differently – bigger – and push you to take action. Think of this as our virtual, live support group. This is where the good stuff really happens, and you will absolutely NOT want to miss it!

How much time does this Mini Mental Makeover take?

That’s totally up to you! If we had to put a number on it, we’d say about 20 minutes each day. That’ll give you the time you need to read through your daily email and work through the exercises, but more importantly, it’s purposeful YOU time.

How can this help me?

The Mini Mental Makeover helps you cut through the mental clutter that clogs your brain and prevents you from taking action and keeps you stuck. We provide the tools, the guide, and support to immediately help you manage your thoughts, emotions, and actions to get you to your desired results.

What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

A therapist focuses on the past and delves into issues that require specialized training and education. A coach is trained to help you focus on the future and move beyond feeling “stuck.” Think of us as your accountability partner and cheerleader. We help you discover your passion, tap into your values, and design a path forward that allows you to be the boss of your own life!

Why should I choose you?

From a professional perspective, we bring 45 years of combined leadership, development, and coaching experience to the table. We’ve worked with thousands of individuals just like you, who are trying to grow into the best version of themselves. And while that’s great, we think what’s more important is that we’ve used this process for ourselves. The work we’re doing with you is the same work we did to design the life we are living and loving now.

What if I'm unable to join the live coaching calls?

The coaching calls are a vital part of the learning process and the makeover, however we understand sometimes schedules don’t align. We will record and post every coaching call, so that you can listen to it, which is almost as effective as being there. If you’d like to submit a topic or question before the calls, we’re happy to answer them real time.

I'm not comfortable sharing my personal issues with others on a live call. Can I be coached anonymously?

You have the option of being coached live anonymously, if you choose. The program is a safe environment, and you might be surprised by how much you open up and how freeing it can be when you do share openly with others. But we respect your right to privacy and would never force you to share more than your willing or in a way that would make you uncomfortable.