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Get The Junk Out Of Your Trunk Masterclass

Learn how to purge the junk from your life and level up your business in this free masterclass. Join us live on February 21st at noon Central!

Ready to Remove the Roadblocks?


What roadblocks are standing between you and the successful business you pictured? Mismanaged priorities, inability to say no, being busy but not effective, juggling all the roles we think we need to fill… The list is endless.

What if we told you all those roadblocks are simply the result of your own limiting beliefs? Those beliefs turn into negative thoughts that zap your confidence, hold you hostage, and keep you from taking action.

We help women identify and change those beliefs and gain the confidence and courage to create the fulfilling life and business they want … and deserve!



Free Checklist

Do you think like a boss mama?

Being a boss mama is a lifestyle and mindset not an occupation. Do you think like one?

2-Week Course

Mini Mental Makeover

Do you want to level up your business? 
In this 2-week coaching challenge you’ll get everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Free Workbook

Dream Big! Family Goal Setting Workbook

Teach your kids how to dream big and take action.

Hey, Smart Girl!

We’re Jess and Christy, and we are 2 Smart Girls. We are business owners, moms to 2 kids each, and every day, we strive to live our best lives and run our business well.

We have the privilege of helping women dream big. We empower and equip them with everything they need to design a life and business that is powerful, passion-filled, and authentic.


The MMM was a true blessing for me. The tough love and smart coaching from Jess and Christy allowed me to self-examine, grow and make changes in my habitual ways of thinking that hold me back from taking those “next steps” I so long to take. Because it comes from grounded and lived advice and knowledge. You’ll love the experience and it will change your life.”

Meredith R.

Taking the Mini Mental Makeover was like a 2 week fitness bootcamp for the brain.

Jesse P.

Jess and Christy are the real deal. They are smart. They’re warm. They have a great energy. The content is amazing. Doing this MMM allowed me to clarify my goals for work and to have the courage to articulate and believe in them.”

Lisette O.

The Mini Mental Makeover has truly been a game changer. Christy & Jess helped walk me through my scenario and break down my ‘limiting thoughts.’ I was able to focus and channel my thoughts and see the bigger picture. Now I have the tools I need to see things much more clearly.”

Michelle P.